Centenarian aircraft – Nieuport IV

Every aircraft has both a story, and history. Its design has followed on from its successful fore bearers and in turn, if it achieves success, the design will spawn offspring and live on. Some aircraft are notable, others forgettable. I’d like to pay tribute to centenarian aircraft first flown over 100 years ago both famous and forgettable, and if possible, build scale models of them as I learn more.

640px-Nizhny_Novgorod_Nieuport_planeThe Nieuport IV is a design that has mostly been forgotten by history, but has a story none the less. A light, sporty monoplane which first flew in 1911 the Nieuport IV was the first aircraft to ever perform the loop-the-loop aerobatic maneuver – achieved by Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov over Kiev on 27 August 1913. According to wikipedia, following this stunt he was placed under arrest for 10 days for “undue risk to government property” until the feat was repeated in France and he was promoted and awarded a medal.

Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov
Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov

My build of this sporty little plane is the A-model 1/72 kit and is a replica of Nesterov’s craft.

IMAG1363 IMAG1364 IMAG1365


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