Found in Laos: Cool bikes and scooters

Thought I’d share with you these cool bikes and scooters I photographed while living in Laos. One of the highlights of my time there was the 32km commute I had to, and from, work everyday. Really fun to mix it up in traffic, ride with and talk with the lovely Laos people about their bikes.

This bike belonged to one of my students (male). I asked him why pink and he just said “it is a good colour”.

Where so few people (traditionally) owned cars, having a bike is a way of life in Laos. I always loved seeing the care and attention, or sometimes inattention, owners there lavish upon their steeds.

Sorely tempted to buy this Honda C150 Benly for $500USD. I dreamt about it for nights afterwards…
boat racing festival day 002
….questionable choice of sticker.
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It seems that covering a bike with stickers is very appropriate in Laos, as is riding around with a small dog in the shopping basket. It was always amazing to see how many bikes that would be considered collectors items here in Australia, are still in everyday use over there. Always cool to see bikes that owners have modified, especially when parts and labour are dirt cheap

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This guy is not Laos, he is my Australian mate Arpan. He rides a Suzuki 100cc two stroke.

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Australian War Memorial Dioramas

Dioramas or “picture models”, as they were first called, have been a part of the Memorial’s displays since its inception. They were first suggested by official war artist Will Dyson and official war historian Charles Bean to give a more vivid impression of war than conveyed through photographs and paintings.

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Cars gone by…The Austin

My 1958 Austin Lancer

Of all the cars I have owned I have the fondest memories of this 1958 Austin Lancer. After a period of hatchback driving I went back to classics and picked this up cheap. It had two previous owners and had been in Canberra for 40 years. The previous owner had it for 12 years and during that time the car remained mostly original aside from the paint being freshened up, new carpets, headlining and the seats recovered.  For a 1500cc BMC engine it could motor happily along at 100km/hr and I took it on quite a few tours. Sadly, we had to part ways before I moved overseas.

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Resto project – Suzuki A100

Here is my ongoing resto project – a little 1980 Suzuki A100 2 stroke.

“First introduced in 1966 this slim and elegant single cylinder two stroke developed a healthy 9.3hp @ 7500rpm with the help of a disc valve induction system and was universally popular as a commuter model. Its sporty styling with slim mudguards ad attractive candy colour schemes, available on later models, ensured its ongoing sales success. The very crisp two stroke delivered strong acceleration and a top speed of 65mph-75mph making this 83kg lightweight ideal for city and out of town commutes. This was one of the finest machines of its type at that time and ran on with styling changes until the late 1970’s.”  

The bike rode pretty well when I got it but had scruffy faded red paint and needed a tidy up. Have repainted the tin-ware gloss black and replaced the pitted exhaust, rear shocks and seat and various other bits from ordering parts online (same bike is still in production in SE Asia so all part available). Still to do is a 12V conversion, and replacing the ugly speedo with a neater cafe racer item.




A100 021A100 009A100 011A100 018IMAG0346


A thin coat of paint stripper has the tank back to bare metal in no time.

IMAG0449IMAG0448 Auto Italia March 2014 004  IMAG0579 IMAG0578


1974_A100_sales_Luce_860 1975_A100_sales_Luce_900   1975_A100_sales_Luce_b900


Rust in peace – The Famous James

Another rusty little moped, this time spotted in Kangaroo Valley, NSW. Turns out to be a ‘James Superlux Autocycle’ with a little Villiers 98cc two-stroke engine made from 1949-53.

Seeing these old bikes always makes me imagine who the person was who bought them originally and for what purpose? I always wonder how many owners a bike has had over the years, and all the good times they had getting around onboard.

IMAG0242 IMAG0243 IMAG0244   IMAG0247IMAG0246