Found in Laos: Cool bikes and scooters

Thought I’d share with you these cool bikes and scooters I photographed while living in Laos. One of the highlights of my time there was the 32km commute I had to, and from, work everyday. Really fun to mix it up in traffic, ride with and talk with the lovely Laos people about their bikes.

This bike belonged to one of my students (male). I asked him why pink and he just said “it is a good colour”.

Where so few people (traditionally) owned cars, having a bike is a way of life in Laos. I always loved seeing the care and attention, or sometimes inattention, owners there lavish upon their steeds.

Sorely tempted to buy this Honda C150 Benly for $500USD. I dreamt about it for nights afterwards…
boat racing festival day 002
….questionable choice of sticker.
031 (2)

It seems that covering a bike with stickers is very appropriate in Laos, as is riding around with a small dog in the shopping basket. It was always amazing to see how many bikes that would be considered collectors items here in Australia, are still in everyday use over there. Always cool to see bikes that owners have modified, especially when parts and labour are dirt cheap

103  027143 IMAG2535  RANDOM 012

This guy is not Laos, he is my Australian mate Arpan. He rides a Suzuki 100cc two stroke.

298 009 038 101 IMAG1911 IMAG2525 Thurs 26 July 2012 026 htc 2940 IMAG0798 IMAG2299 IMAG2352 IMAG2737 Ritas 30th 212


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