Meet ‘Ricky Baker’

It was a beautiful, golden sunset this afternoon so I decided to take some photos of my new project bike – a 2012 Honda CT110 that has been christened ‘Ricky Baker’.

The rugged, reliable little CT110, or postie bike, needs no introduction. In production since 1966 the postie bike is easily the most numerous and popular bike in Australia. I have been tinkering with this one for about a month now since I purchased it for $1000. I am it’s third owner after Australia Post and one other careful guy and it has just over 30,000 km on it. I have been giving it a good clean up; the paint and chrome was really grotty and I had to remove the stock scratched stickers. I took off the front guard – straightened out a few dings – and body plastics and resprayed them the correct Honda, Monza Red with some clear coat. I sanded back and resprayed the front forks in silver and polished a few of the engine cases with wet and dry sandpaper. I fitted the older style ‘flying wings’ Honda emblems to the side covers where the distinctive Australia Post logo once was.

Additionally, I have fitted older style chrome indicators to the front and I sourced an older style Honda oval CT90 speedometer which sits inside the headlight bowl, instead of being mounted to an ugly bracket on the handlebars. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy riding this tiny donkey.



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